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Welcome to the first Hajime no Ippo dedicated website.
We hope you will enjoy www.Hajime-No-Ippo.net and we wish to see you again soon ;-)

US version available - 11/11/2009 @ 16h56 - Paris

Hello all,

in order to broaden the site's audience and help english-speaking people access it, we open today an english version of the website. Both versions will be updated together : you can now switch from one to another through clicking the flags at the top of the pages.

However, we need a new english-speaking cowebmaster who would be in charge of this international part of the site, so that we can keep up our good work.
If you wish to apply, you must know HTML and possess basic skill on Photoshop. Please send your applications to [email protected]

As you can see in the menu, some pages have been crossed out : it means the work is in progress. They should become available soon.

To conclude, we only translate the manga into French, english scans are done by Ignition-One. As both sites are partners, we chose to redirect you there as far as US scanlations are concerned.
The forum link will also point towards their Dynamite Glove board : you will be able to discuss anything Ippo-related freely and make the international community grow stronger.

One last word about the HNI Christmas contest that is currently organized. 180 original cells and sketches are to be won ! So go try your luck, on the Contest page :)

Good luck to everybody.

See you soon.

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