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TOPHUS GALLERY presents in association with the French fan site Hajime-No-Ippo.net and the kind support of Webstylist.fr a competition-winning Hajime No Ippo.
(Hajime No Ippo (c) Jyoji Morikawa - Kodansha Ltd. - VAP.).

180 cels and sketches from the Anime that are offered in the contest.

An anime cel is a unique artwork, based on the animator sketch. This is the colorization step on an celluloid sheet, preliminary step from the move and the capture on the film.
When you own a sketch or an anime cel, you simply own a picture that was in use in your favorite anime.

Name & Address



Which character is nicknamed "The Naniwa Tiger"?
Sendô Takeshi
Miyata Ichirô
Jason Ozuma

Miyata Ichirô
Eiji Date
Mashiba Ryô


Open competition without prior registration, and whatever the country of origin of the competitor.
Draw 50 winners from among the correct answers to three questions:

The e-mail for sending replies is: [email protected]
Your response must be valid and include your name, address and country.
You can find clues to help you answer these questions here Hajime-No-Ippo.net.


The deadline for submissions is December 15, 2009 at midnight French time (GMT +1), publishing results in January 2010.


Consignments can not be redeemed against a cash sum.
The contest organizers can not participate and are solely responsible for sorting e-mail address, and the lottery winners.


1st prize: 10 cels and 10 sketches
2nd prize: 5 cels and 5 sketches
3rd prize: 4 cels and 4 sketches
From 4th to 10th: 3 cels and 3 sketches
From 11th to 20th: 2 cels and 2 sketches
From 21st to 50th: 1 cel and 1 sketch

Good luck to everyone.

The organization staff.