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Document sans titre

Consequently to the success of Hajime No Ippo, EPOCH firm created 4 statuettes + a special pack several years ago.

Ippo Makunouchi, Vorg Zangief, Sendô Takeshi and Mamoru Takamura.
These 4 boxers came out as individual statuettes. A pack including both Ippo and Sendô however exists. In this pack, Ippo appears not to be wearing the same shorts than in the Ippo stand-alone pack. In this one, he wearing the Eastern representatives' shorts the same he wore when he first met Sendô on the ring. This special pack is even entitled « Rookie King Match ».

Measuring around 16 cm high the announced scale is 1/12. Having articulations, the statuettes enable its owner to make them have dynamic expressions and to transcribe a realistic combat.

As in most merchandising products, the maker has included an additional head in the packaging.
This head has the advantage of showing Ippo's face after being hit. A damaged eye or swollen lips, a determined look, each of the opponents expression increases the resembling of the statuettes.
Each pack includes several bonuses such as a pair of stripped hands, a teeth-protection, a towel to put around the neck and even a mouth basin. To sum-up : little bonuses that contribute to make everything look "real".
Shorts are made out of cloth and surprisingly good quality for large quantity figurines.
Unfortunately, the special pack doesn't include any bonus. It is only composed of Sendô and Ippo. Shorts are not made out of cloth but of "soft" plastic.

In my view, even if the attitudes are more limited (legs happen to be a little less mobile) I prefer this pack since the shorts can sometimes turn out to be a little too long or too small. It remains a personnal opinion.

These figurines are very rare. Most of only stores such as yeasasia.com, hlj.com do not stock them anymore. For those of you interested in having one, you'll have to engage very deep research.
However, there is another way : auctions ; because if you do not visit private sales websites, your chances of buying these rare products are close to zero.

But of course it won't be easy either this way. Ebay isn't the most visited website in Japan for merchandising but its challenger : Yahoo Japan Auctions. Originally this site is only available to Japan-living people but go-betweens exist. With a 20% commission of the final auction price (only if you win it of course), go-betweens offer you to take part in the auction (let it be celluloids, figurines or else) and if you win it, they'll send it to you.

French-speaking websites exist so you neen't be afraid of translation or comprehension issues. These two sites below can be trusted and have no problem in terms of :

Within a few minutes search, you'll be able to find how they work.
All you need now is patience and a well-furnished wallet ...and also the Japanese Yahoo link :

Thanks to this link you'll be able to find available auctions on yahoo japan : DVDs, mangas, cels, video games ...everything related to Hajime No Ippo.

Epoch figurines of Ippo are good quality ones and enable their owner to display dynamic and varied attitudes. They are however rare and so extremely difficult to find.

I was able to acquire the special pack figurines and Vorg's. Each time the price was around 4.000 et 7.000 yens (commission fees and postal prices not included, that means an additional 40 euros) knowing that their initial price was around 2.980 yens each and 4.800 yens for the special pack.

The advantage of the each auction I attended is that no one tried to place a better offer so I bought them with their initial price. The only time I saw a "little auction fight" it was for Takamura. However one should know that the figurines had no packaging nor bonuses.
(click on pictures to see corresponding photos)

By Bebopboun for Hajime-No-Ippo.net