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Les Halls

Let it be Makunouchi, his rivals or friends, Hajime No Ippo boxers have performed in several places. Below can be found their description (the most important of them in fact), with true photos.

Opening date: 16th May 1962.
Location : Tokyo, Japan.
Number of seats : 1,800.
Size : /
Renting price : 1,500,000 Yen.
Description : Korakuen Hall hosts many martial arts exhibitons, it is considered as one of Tokyo biggest attractions. It is nicknamed the puroresu's Madison Sqaure Garden (puroresu being Japanese wrestling). One must know that many Japanese champions (if not all of them) have fought in this arena at least once. The 5th floor is the most interesting for us, since it is the place where the boxing ring is located.

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Key matches :

Makunouchi Ippo - Date Eiji
Makunouchi Ippo - Sendo Takeshi
Kimura Tatsuya - Mashiba Ryo

Opening date: 1952.
Location : Osaka, Japan.
Number of seats : 8,000.
Size : 29,000 m²
Renting price : /
Description : This gymnasium was built in the chaotic conditions of the post-war period. The construction materials were in fact "borrowed" from an aircraft warehouse. It was taken down in 1985 and replaced two years later because the construction was considered too old and unsafe. This famous Japanese sports place hosts several kinds of sports from volley ball to boxing but it is also famous for welcoming yearly the March sumo tournament. The atmosphere is said to be always electric, Osaka supporters being very passionate ; Sendo's fans in the manga being a good example.

Key matches :

Makunouchi Ippo - Sendo Takeshi I
Sendo Takeshi - Vorg Zangief

Opening date : December 8th 1956
Location : Bangkok, Thailand.
Number of seats : 9,500.
Size : 3,007.5 m²
Renting price : /
Description : Lumpinee boxing stadium is one of the 7 majors boxing-dedicated stadiums in Thailand. It is one of the most famous with the Rajadamnoen, mainly thanks to the countless Muay thaï champions that have been discovered there and also because of its international fame, enabling promotion of Thai boxing worldwide. The stadium is actually run by Thailand Royal Army, all of the profits being dispatched in the differents sectors of it.

Key matches :

Jimmy Sisfa - Miyata Ichiro

Opening date : January 1985
Location : Sumida, Tokyo, Japan.
Number of seats : 13,000.
Size : /
Renting price : /
Description : The Ryōgoku Kokugikan is the third building to be linked to the name Kokugikan built in Tokyo. What catches the eye is its architecture which mixes modern and traditional styles. It main attraction is Sumo wrestling and it is mostly known for hosting this kind of fights. It also hosts boxing matches as you known aswell as professional wrestling and music shows.

Key matches :

Date Eiji- Ricardo Martinez
Takamura Mamoru - Bryan Hawk

Opening date : April 1st 1989
Location : Yokohama, Japan.
Number of seats : 17,000.
Size : 8,000 m²
Renting price : /
Description : The Yokohama Arena is one f the biggest in Japan. It is known worldwide and major events occur there. The first "SmackDown world tour" was broadcasted from there ; international music superstars have also performed there : Madonna, GreenDay, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, … The infrastructure is hi-tech with 4 giant screens on the ceiling, computer controlled mobile seats ...everything to show off !

Key matches :

Takamura Mamoru - David Eagle

Opening date : May 29th 1966
Location : Mexico City, Mexico.
Number of seats : 105,094.
Size : 105 x 68 m
Renting price : /
Description : The Azteca Stadium is in fact a soccer field and not among the least famous, since it the one and only on which 2 World Cup finals have been played. Now you may wander why Morikawa chose this particular place for the Ricardo Martinez vs Date Eiji confrontation? Well it surely is a reference to the combat in between Chavez and Greg Haugen that really took place there. This combat holds the world record for a boxing match attending audience with 136,274 spectators on February 20th 1993. Chavez finally won the match in the 5th round.

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Key matches :

Date Eiji- Ricardo Martinez