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This page is dedicated to the boxing techniques seen in Hajime No Ippo and more specifically to the secret tips of some of the characters. Click on the images to see an animated gif of the corresponding attack.
The Straight :

A straight is in fact a horizontal extension of the left arm ; mostly used starting from a normal guard ; or the right one. This hit can be devastating (depending on the person who uses it) and is mainly used to keep ones distance from the opponent and brake his guard. The straight is aimed either at the head or at the body.

The Hook :
Contrary to the direct hit, the hook is sent with the arm in folded position. The fist then describes a curved course generally leading to the side of the head or the opponent’s bust. This is the punchers’ main weapon. It requires a bust rotation that needs to accompany the hit for improved efficiency. Several hooks can be found : short hooks sent from close range with an almost entirely folded arm taking advantage of the body and the shoulder’s weight. Large hooks can also be encountered the fist seems to live independently from the boxer’s body, like an independant mass.
The uppercut :
This hit could be compared to the hook : it rockets upwards with a folded arm, accompanied by both shoulder and bust, forced to follow the imposed rotation. The uppercut is difficult to set, it is aimed either at the body or at the chin. Nowadays, boxers tend to use it less often due to their lack of technique but also because its execution (especially with a left arm) leaves the boxer’s face unprotected to the opponent’s hooks.
The Counter :
The boxer remains in defensive position, waiting an attack from which he will take advantage of. When the opponent sends a hit, one has to immediately strike the opened guard. Tracked by his own body weight, it comes in a collision course, giving extra efficiency.
The feint :
In this particular case, the attack isn’t straight anymore but simulated. The initial blow (either on purpose of accidentally) is only scripted and followed by another blow, unpredictable. The goal is to surprise the opponent who had tried a parade on the first blow but finds himself distracted by the changing in the movement. For example, an initial direct hit with the right arm can mutate into a left hook.
Remitter :
The remitter is an offensive action following very closely the opponent’s blow. It consists in reproducing his blow which has previously been blocked or avoided, taking advantage of the time the boxer needs in getting back in guard after launching his attack. Contrary to the counter, the remitter is an offensive hit.
The Liver Blow :
Often used by Ippo, this technique is destructive but hard to master. It requires an square angle rotation of the fulcrums aswell as a same scale turn of the body in order to develop maximum power in the blow. The fist hits the ribs and can even lead to throwing up (see Naomichi/Geromichi).
Flicker Jab (Mashiba Ryo & Takuma Saeki) :
This is a specific weapon of the Hitman style. It is a long distance jab, which requires long arms and allowing the boxer to remain far from his opponent. Orientation of the fist varies a lot, making it difficult to avoid, even if its power isn’t as strong as it seems. A series of flicker jabs is often followed by a Chopping Right, a powerful hook which can lead to a KO.
Shotgun (Hayami Ryuuchi) :
The shotgun is a particularly violent combination of hits sent from mid distance and only mastered by Hayami. Avoiding all the hits is impossible, they tend to create a merely uncrossable wall, especially for short distance boxers. This is Hayami Ryuuchi’s KO technique.
Smash (Sendo Takeshi) :
The smash is a three quarter uppercut very difficult to master. It is a blow in betwee direct and uppercut aimed at the side of the chin. This surprising blow is hard to block ; however all the side of the body remains unprotected and eases counter-attack …as long as you survive.
Low Smash (Sendo Takeshi) :
The Low Smash is a modified Smash. the starting stance is very low, with the fist near the ground. Then it suddenly goes upwards just like a normal Smash. It basically gives more power, speed and balance.
CorkScrew (Date Eiji & Okita Keigo) :
Corckscrew is a right straight combined with a rotation of shoulder, elbow and wrist, emphasizing the power during impact. This is a very high level blow, enabling a very destructive combination easily. However, it long to «load » and is in fact predictable. This might be its only drawback. Date Eiji uses it as a secret weapon.
Jolt Counter (Miyata Ichiro) :
The jolt is a counter used in order to cope with a lack of power. It consists in setting all the weight in the front leg and to use it as a counter. However, this destructive technique has a drawback : should it fail, the power of the opponent’s counter attack is then enhanced ten fold by the weight being positionned forward and could even lead to ending a boxer’s career.
Gazelle Punch (Makunouchi Ippo) :
Gazelle Punch is a blow amplified by propelling strength. In fact, after leaning, the boxer takes a huge fulcrum on his legs and sends a blow in between the hook and the uppercut. Very trained legs are required to master this technique. Thus its power lies in the boxer’s fulcrums. The blow can be aimed either at the face or at the stomach.
White Fang (Vorg Zangief) :
White Fang is Vorg’s « finish him » blow. It is in fact a combination of a very quick left uppercut and a right hook. It is sais to be unavoidable. This blow requires very high skilled speed and technique, that not all boxers have.
Dempsey Roll (Makunouchi Ippo) :
This destructive technique consists in swaying the head in order to produce an eight horizontally and then to use this impulse to launch quick and powerful blows. It is a very efficient technique since it allows to attack and protect at the same time since the movement is so quick that i sis very difficult to aim at the boxer with a normal blow. The power of the impulsion is devastating.
Hien (Sanada Kazuki) :
Copying the speed of a swallow, this is an attack which changes course in a same rythm. It so can change from jab to hook or even to a jab-like uppercut. Several versions exist.
Tsubame Gaeshi (Sanada Kazuki) :
Tsubame Gaeshi is a composed of 2 short uppercuts extremely efficient with in-fighters. The first uppercut is launched in a « classical » style with the back of the glove in order to destabilize the opponent’s guar, whereas the second blow, quickly launched is made with a square angled rotation of the fist. This leads to a difference of some 7 cm with the first uppercut, giving a chance to the glove to sneak in between the guard and to hit the opponent’s jaw.
Cross Counter (Ichirô Miyata) :
Mostly launched from the Jolt Counter position, this technique requires a perfect timing since the boxer leads his counter above his opponent’s arm so as to smash his face to the ground. The mixing of the two boxers’ arms draws a cross.
Bloody Cross (Arnie Gregory) :
The Bloody Cross is an anti Cross Counter technique « the blood tainted cross » consists in lifting the elbow of the arm which last hit at the precise moment when the cross counter is launched. The counter being annihilated, a counter-attack directly aiming at the boxer’s head can be launched with the other fist. The first direct hit is generally a decoy to « attract » the Cross Counter.
The Guard :
This is the boxer’s ideal position of the a standing still boxer who must be able to attack or defend himself without putting his stability in jeopardy.
Classic Guard or English Guard consists in putting left fist and foot in front. The right arm is folded and protects the liver with the elbow and the chin with the fist.
Peek-A-Boo (Makunouchi) :
Peek-A-Boo style requires hiding ones face by putting the two fists forward and biting the gloves then in swaying the upper part of the body from right to left. With a perfect timing, evadings and counter attacks are easier.
Cross Guard (Kobashi) :
The Cross Guard is a very powerful guard, even if it is not practicle since it forces the boxer to lock one of his arms behind the other in order to absorb the impact and sol oses precious time to counter attack. This guard is often used by defensive boxers who aim at winning thanks to points when they have to absorb powerful blows.